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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07
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    Tiger Woods' first foray onto the Xbox 360 was a prime example of style over substance. The courses looked great, but they numbered just six and there weren't many different ways to enjoy them. It also didn't play much differently than it did on the consoles--a disappointment for those who were expecting it to be more than just a prettier version of what they had been playing for years. EA Sports has addressed those issues by adding a new aiming system, doubling the number of courses, and adding a host of new play modes. There's still room for improvement, but Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 is a great golf game that plays as good as it looks.

    There's certainly no shortage of ways to occupy yourself with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07. You can select from a number of different match and scoring modes, including stroke play, match play, skins, practice, stableford, alternate shot, best-ball, and four-ball. Battle golf, which is a twist on match play, is a new addition. The goal here is to win the most holes--as it always is in match play--but here you are able to remove a club from your opponent's bag after each hole you win. Needless to say, it's great fun to watch your rival tee off on a par five with a two-iron because you've taken all of his woods. Also new this year are bloodsome and greensome matches, both of which are team-based best-ball events. After you and your teammate hit your shots in greensome, you get to pick which ball you're going to play; in bloodsome, your opponent will choose which lie you'll use. One-ball is another new game, where you and your opponent share the same ball and alternate shots. The strategy in one-ball lies in trying to set your opponent up with difficult shots so that you're the one left with a makeable putt. If you're the one who drains the putt, you win the hole. Before each shot, a large blue ring that represents the target area appears on the course. This is the area in which your shot must land, or else it's a "betrayal," and you'll lose a turn. For example, on a par four you may be able to put the ball on the green with your second shot, but that will leave your opponent with a putt--and that's not good. You can, however, shoot the ball into a sand trap that surrounds the green, thereby forcing your opponent to be the one who has to put the ball on the green. This play mode is great for learning how to recover from bad shots, but it can be frustrating to play against the tenacious CPU and is best played against another person.

    Right off the bat you'll notice the improved presentation. As soon as the game loads the camera sweeps around a beautiful driving range, finally zooming in on Tiger, who's juggling a ball with his club, a la the Nike commercial from a few years back. From here you can immediately hit the range to practice or jump into a quick game, but you're encouraged to immediately create a golfer so that you may embark on a career. Tiger's unrivaled character creation mode is back and much deeper than in 06. If realism's what you want, it's a breeze to create a male or female golfer in your spitting image, and you're limited only by your imagination when it comes to making zany, off-the-wall characters. You can also customize your player's swing as well as their reactions.

    Source : Gamespot

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