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    Wolfenstein, milling 2009 by Raven Software does not renew the genre but happily surf on the fame of the title. There is still and always an American spy. But how Rambo espionage. They shoot, they kill, they can not get in!

    In the skin of the Agent Blazkowicz in the heart of the Nazi camp, they put their hearts and joy to uncover the holders of swastikas and rust severity. If everything starts in a historical world, the scenario gets carried away quickly with a piece worthy of paranormal elders of the game "black sun" allows the hero to have extraordinary powers such a shield impervious to bullets, the ability to slow the time (without caricaturing the bullet time), to increase striking power, and enter a parallel reality: "the veil", which can see in the dark to seek out secret passages and take aware of certain points of interest.

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